'Angel wing' floor lamp by Alvar Aalto

'Angel wing' floor lamp by Alvar Aalto


Floor lamp 'Angel Wing' series, model A805. White enameled metal, vented roughly conical shade on a black leather sleeved brass shaft, impressed with maker’s mark. Designed by Finnish Alvar Aalto in 1953. 

Hight 165 cm. 

ALVAR AALTO (1898-1976) 

Finish architect and urban planner, he also designs iconic furniture, textiles and glassware. Alvar Aalto refuses using metal for his furniture, he mostly works with wood. From 1925 together with Aino he experiments with distorting wood and laminated wood. In the 1930s he develops the revolutionary curved chair design. The wood forming method he invents in 1935 after founding his furniture factory Artek, is the key element of his wooden furniture.

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