Rare Thonet Armchair Designed by Josef Frank

Rare Thonet Armchair Designed by Josef Frank


Rare armchair designed by Josef Frank and manufactured by Thonet. Model no. A-666 registered in the Thonet's catalogue in 1937. 
Seat upholstered in brown leather. 

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Dimensions: H 79 cm, W 53 cm, D 53 cm, Sh 45 cm 

JOSEF FRANK (1985-1967)
Austrian architect and furniture and fabric designer Josef Frank was a leading voice for a gentle, humane modernism. His advocacy of warm, comfortable, eclectically styled environments was highly influential in his adopted country of Sweden, and it’s now widely regarded as a harbinger of the backlash against doctrinaire modernism and the embrace of the homespun that occurred in the late 1960s.

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